Kevin Cherry(non-registered)
You have a really great talent - obviously a great artist - and yet you took the time to comment on my Instagram, with very kind words. I very much appreciate it! Keep up the great work - it is inspiring to see!
William Beyer(non-registered)
I came across a link to your website on a YouTube feed and I'm so impressed. Thank You for sharing, this is what inspires me to continue to improve my work.
great angles and colours! love your works
Gilmour Dickson(non-registered)
Awesome work. I am really amazed by your drone work. All beautiful stuff. If you are ever in Africa feel free to come stay and do some shooting...
sid sidibe(non-registered)
Superb photos :)
The R(non-registered)
Breathtaking photography.

Shout-out to John Hicks for recognizing.
Great photos, keep up the good work, you are extremely talented!
John Hicks sent me here.

Great website.
Nice photos man got your website from a YouTube vlog keep it up
Chris Pomparelli(non-registered)
Hey Stéphane, love all your work! I met you this past summer in Venice beach. I was flying my drone around and we talked for a bit before I got in trouble for flying lol anyway I enjoy your work, much respect.
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