Stéphane Couture: Blog en-us (C) Stéphane Couture (Stéphane Couture) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Stéphane Couture: Blog 80 120 Bears of Alaska I took this photo while in Alaska with my wife. After a good hour on foot with a experienced guide we finally got very close to this beautiful female. We were about 100 feet away. She was majestic, but most of all very imposing (very hard in this picture to show her scale). She was most likely looking for male while she is keeping a close eye to her little cub as the males are there main danger on a daily basis. 

Surprisingly female bears in the region will actually come very close to a photographer if she has to feed or sleep with her cub. She knows that male bears are not getting close to humans, they use us as sheild or baby-sitter if you will ;-) The first time this happens it's a little surprising but needless to say it gives great opportunities for photography.

Equipment used to take those pictures: Canon 5D MarkIII and a 100-400mm or 70-200 2.8 IS lens


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The Amazing Wave  

My wife and i decided to go on a little road trip in the summer in June of 2011. The trip was mainly to go see some great places for photography. I had taken a road trip alone a few years back and I always wanted to show my wife those amazing sites like Lake Power and Antilope Canyon and of course the landscape during the drive.

I always wanted to go a place called The Wave just on the border of Utah and Arizona. But, during my previous trip i had done some research about this place only to find out how hard it was to get there and to get a permit allowing you to the site based on a lottery system (10 winners would be permitted to go see the wave the day after the lottery). I had done the drive early in the morning as the lottery entry deadline was 8am exactly but i could not find this rangers house in the dark on that day so i had just moved on.

This time my Andi (my Wife) decided that we would find the rangers station, win and go see this incredible sigh,  little did i know we actually got there on time with 50 other photographer hoping to win a pass and we did at the first draw, we were thrilled.

When you win......

Equipment used to take those pictures: Canon 60D and 17-40mm + polarizer .




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