Eric Olson(non-registered)
Thanks for your compliment of my photo. Appreciate thoughts from someone as talented as you
Fadi Kayrouz(non-registered)
Je suis heureux de pouvoir suivre votre travail.
Que de belles choses, de beaux moments capturés, avec gout et belle mise en scène
Mes amitiés photographiques.
Alyn (insta: maclennse)(non-registered)
Je voulais juste te remercier d'avoir pris le temps d'afficher un commentaire sur une de mes publications sur Instagram. Je viens de découvrir la photographie et depuis un moment je me force pour m'améliorer. Ton commentaire m'encourage à continuer et d'en apprendre d'avantage afin d'atteindre le prochain niveau. Je suis réellement impressionné par la qualitée et la post-production de tes photos et j'espère un jour être capable de faire des images aussi captivantes que les tiennes... À ma façon.

Raul Navarro González(non-registered)
me paso lo mismo que la que comenta debajo tienes fotos increibles
Renato Thomsen- from Brazil(non-registered)
Congratulations for all your artistic work. Beautiful and inspiring.
Hello! Thank you very much for noticing some of my photos on instagram. I’m amazed when I was reading your biography and checking your portfolio. God bless!
Hi Stephane I just want to say I wasn't know you till today. You commented my post on Instagram today and than saw you and your job and your art. It's inspired me so much. Thank you so much for noticing me that's the I know you and your art. I love your pictures, they're magical, amazing, unbelievable and unforgettable. When look at those pictures I can live that moment. Ok in the and thank you so much for your art
Lais Rogéria(non-registered)
I’m very happy! Your work is magic. Thank you very much for you have seen my modest photography in Instagram.
Amanda Drake-Worth(non-registered)
Hi Stephane I have just taken a look at your amazing photography which has blown me away. It is so beautiful to follow your passion and as you say to travel and wait for the perfect shot.

I have always adored photography and have a lot to learn but I feel so honoured with your comment on one of my sunset shots.

Keep up the good work and inspiring others. You are doing amazing work.
Robert Fattaruso(non-registered)
Hi Stéphane,

I just wanted to say a heart felt thanks for commenting on my recent photo that I took out in Laguna. Being a father of 3 young girls, always working and taking care of my family, I take every opportunity to shoot when I am out. We were on a beach outing, and mind you it scares the heck out of me to bring my hard earned money invested DSLR to the beach, let alone close to the salt water! But I knew I had to be patient and wait for the sun to get below the Marine layer that was pretty thick. But that patience paid off with that beautiful orange ball of sun setting across the water. My location wasn't ideal, nor did I have the dramatic skies like your shots, but was able to get what I was looking for even without an ND filter. Long exposures can be difficult if you don't have a way to reduce the incoming light. I have found new inspiration from your work and will spend more time scouting for the best experience of nature than just spraying and praying that I got the shot. Keep up the beautiful imagery.
Many blessings!
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